May 4, 2015

Have You Heard of Remy Hair Before?

New beauty products are introduced into the market on a regular basis, and thus skin and beauty care has emerged as a new field in itself. People are more and more beauty conscious and awareness has grown among the masses about the use and effectiveness of these products.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is top quality real human hair that is widely used to make Peruvian body wave hair weaves and hair extensions. It is very close to natural hair and that is the reason why it is preferred over artificial hair. It makes your wig look more natural. Moreover, cuticles are not stripped, which help it to maintain its original looks.

Arranging the cuticles in a single direction gives rise to fashionable natural look. If you want soft, tangle-free and silky hair for a longer period, Remy hair is for you. Hair donors donate their hairs and the best ones are chosen to maintain the best quality. The process makes sure that the length of all the cuticles remains the same. It is a tedious process and normally takes more time than others but the quality makes it worth the wait. Remy hair is often consumed with Brazilian hair – the “Brazilian” just signifies that style of how it looks.

Why Choose Remy Hair?

remy hair on girlThere are many advantages of using natural hairs to make wigs and hair extension than to use artificial and synthetic hairs. Remy hair wigs are made from the finest quality natural hair, which makes it capable of acting like natural hair. You can easily dye, straighten, curl, wash and style your hair like you do to your normal hair. It will make it lot easier for you to manage them. They blend nicely with your natural hair and you do not look odd.

On the other hand, synthetic hairs are exactly opposite to natural hairs. They are much more sensitive and you need to be extra cautious with sun exposure and heat otherwise they will be damaged. These hairs do not last longer. They are more susceptible to wear and tear and do not blends as well with natural hairs. Managing the artificial hair is an issue.

Although, synthetic hair is cheaper than the natural hair but the flexibility, quality, ease in management and style that you can get with natural hairs is not comparable with synthetic hair. The lines between synthetic and natural hairs will be blurred in the future, and it would be very difficult to tell what natural hairs and synthetic hairs. Scientists are working hard to achieve that goal and work is under progress. In fact, considering the advancements being made, it will not be long before scientists achieve that goal and quickly blur the line.

Most of the Remy hair is treated with acid in factories to remove large size cuticles so that no tangles destroy the hair. Many who do not know the real identification of cuticles can be easily fooled into thinking non-Remy hair as Remy hair. Most of the manufacturers also use this shortcoming to their advantage and fool clients by selling non-Remy hairs as Remy.